See how we can bring FREE group health & wellness classes to your facility

  • Bring cutting edge streaming video technology to your facility

  • Reduce programming costs with unlimited content

  • Cater to all ages: From youth mindfulness to chair yoga for older adults

  • Whip up high-quality classes on-demand or schedule with our app

  • Stop paying unreliable trainers and programmers, and finally offer the type of classes you want in your facility

From our Founder: As I began building GiveFit, promoting free fitness classes, I was asked the same question over and over: "Do you have any trainers to host free workout classes?" At first, I wanted to please everyone and use my network to find trainers for each type of fitness class. But I quickly realized how difficult and unreliable such an effort was! My "aha moment" is the GiveFit Streamer™: Host any type of FREE group fitness class with high-quality, streaming video!