5 Life Lessons Yoga Has Taught Me

Yoga is an activity that has brought joy and awareness to my body and spirit along with valuable life lessons. To make it a daily ritual is a fundamental practice of self love and respect. Here are the five ways yoga has impacted my life and how it can improve yours too!

1. Inhale Exhale

Deeply inhaling and exhaling is one of the fundamental ways in which we detox, release unwanted toxins and improve vital cellular regeneration. Breathing is one of the first steps you can take to connect with your body and fully appreciate your beautiful lungs and what they do! Deep breathing and bringing awareness to what your body is doing innately to help you is essential in connecting to your body.                                           

2. Quit Judging Yourself

Life is a journey. When you are in a yoga session it can be hard sometimes to not observe other people around you that may have better balance or can backward bend more elegantly than you can. Yoga reminds us to quit doing that. Let those people uplift you but be aware that everyone has their own path, own skills and balance abilities that can fluctuate depending on the day. Focus on achieving your personal goals and celebrate your wins! Don’t nitpick your life away when setbacks happen. 

Be More Yoga in the Belvedere Hotel

Be More Yoga in the Belvedere Hotel

3. Discipline Leads to Joy 

In every yoga class you’ve taken you have probably heard the yoga instructor say “This is your class. This is going to be what you make of it. Set your intentions for the practice.”

There is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness can be created out of laziness like eating pizza and watching Netflix AKA being really unproductive. Joy is created out of goals, discipline, drive, execution and pain in order to get to a higher sense of being.

A person in motion will lead to more motion. A person not in motion will only lead to less motion! Wake up with intention. If you wake up undecided as to why you might be on this planet, write down some goals on a notepad before getting out of bed. Set the intention and you will reach joy if you stick to it.  

4. Be Where Your Feet Are

One of the reasons yoga is so beautiful and relatable to life lessons is because it revolves around the present. Breathing, being conscious of every movement and what each moment feels like- it’s all important! After all, what do we truly have besides the moment we are in? Yoga teaches us to stop trying to predict the future and lavish the time we definitely have- which is now.

5. Open yourself up to gratitude

In yoga you will learn that if you have a lungs and a heart beat you are fortunate and thus should express gratitude inwardly (through positive thoughts) and outwardly (smiling). Once you become aware that your body is constantly trying to work in your favor and that the universe just might be on your side- that is when your life will start to open up- one opportunity after another. It’s about noticing the gifts that are constantly being put in front of you and how you decide to react to those gifts.  

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Author :  Mae Tunney


Mae Tunney

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