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  • On-demand fitness and wellness programming

  • All ages: From youth yoga to older adults

  • Unlimited content

  • Bring cutting-edge technology to your facility

  • Cut programming costs

  • Stop paying unreliable trainers and programmers

From our Founder: As I began building GiveFit, promoting free fitness classes, I was asked the same question over and over: "Do you have any trainers to host free workout classes?" At first, I wanted to please everyone and use my network to find trainers for each type of fitness class. But I quickly realized how difficult and unreliable such an effort was! My "aha moment" is the GiveFit Streamer™: Host any type of FREE group fitness class with high-quality, streaming video!


90% of GiveFit members report being more physically active

The GiveFit Streamer™ program builds an engaged cohort of physically active participants. Using the latest in technology and community-building techniques, we give you the tools to program more effectively for a broader array of constituents.

Select from a variety of workout videos and stream them right in your facility

  • Let your community decide whether they want yoga, bootcamp, or dance fitness.

  • Schedule classes for the elders of your community during the day with chair yoga or sitting fitness.

Provide your community a simple smartphone booking app:

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Have you ever tried to schedule a group fitness class at your facility?

First you have to find the trainer, then you have to schedule them. Then you have to wonder whether they'll show up and if they'll be a good fit for your community.  Stop doing this forever with ONE investment in a GiveFit Streamer™. 

GiveFit is a fraction of the cost of hiring a trainer!

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How it Works


1. Free Assessment

GiveFit will assess your facility and provide a free assessment for the GiveFit Streamer™ program.

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2. Training

GiveFit employees provide training to your staff on how to host classes and build a following of active fitness members.

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3. Marketing

GiveFit acts as your marketing partner, helping get the word out to your community and providing you with the tools to drive engagement for the future.


4. Stay Accountable

GiveFit will help build your community's accountability with monthly biometric screening and text-message class reminders.

Our check-ins surprise and delight participants with fun, spontaneous activities and giveaways.

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GiveFit is a Strong City 501(c)3