How to Write About Issues on Your Blog

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The word issue is used to describe something that happens, goes on, or is in dispute. For example, a controversial issue that people often have opinions about is the abortion debate. Another big issue is environmental pollution, which can cause problems like lack of air quality and contaminated food.

To write an article about an issue, you must first decide on the topic that you would like to write about. Then, you must research the topic so that you can provide the best possible information to your audience. You should also take into account the opinions of others and try to avoid writing articles that make controversial or inflammatory statements.

When writing an article about a hot-button topic, you must also be careful not to demonize the people involved. This may anger your readers, and can even lead to backlash against your blog. For example, if you write a post about the car companies GM and Toyota, you must present both sides of the argument in an impartial manner to avoid offending your readers.

The synonyms emanate, flow, spring, and rise share the meaning of issue, but differ in that emanate, flow, and rise suggest an origin, source, or cause while arise implies a sudden or gradual increase. You can use any of these words to replace the verb issue, but originate and spring are probably better choices for certain situations than arise or spring because they both stress a definite starting point.