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The Automobile (also called car) is a motor vehicle that uses its own wheels. Most definitions of the term describe vehicles that run primarily on roads, have seating for one to six people, and are built principally for the transport of passengers rather than cargo.

Automobiles have become a central part of modern life. They serve as a mode of transportation for commuting and recreational activities, and are the main form of freight delivery in many countries. They also have stimulated participation in outdoor recreation and spurred the growth of tourism-related industries such as service stations, roadside restaurants, and motels. The automobile also ended rural isolation and brought urban amenities such as schools and medical care to the countryside, while making suburban living possible.

One of the first benefits of owning a car is independence and freedom. Depending on others for travel or using public vehicles can be detrimental. Taking the bus, for example, can throw off your schedule by fifteen to thirty minutes if you miss it. With a car you can set your own schedule and get where you want to go when you want.

The United States was an early leader in the automotive industry. The country’s vast land area provided an enormous market for vehicles, and cheap raw materials encouraged the mechanization of manufacturing processes. Henry Ford’s introduction of the assembly line in 1908 enabled mass production. This reduced prices and increased the number of cars sold.