Advantages of Fashion

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Fashion is a way of dressing, grooming and presenting yourself to the world. It reflects your personality and shows you as updated person in the society, hence people notice you and consider you good among their near and dear ones.

It Makes You Confident: One of the greatest advantages of fashion is that it makes you confident to do bold things in the society. It gives you an inner delight which makes you active and energetic to step out of your comfort zone. If you are lacking in fashion, then you tend to be timid and shy and it is a dangerous thing as it suppresses your potentiality.

The prevailing trends in a society are very difficult to trace as they follow invisible networks or forces that influence the culture. It is a combination of sex impulses, social pressures, and marketing efforts to keep up with the competition. Trends can also be influenced by the music or the media. For example, when the hip-hop music becomes popular in Europe, it reflects on the trends of the fashion industry and vice versa.

The clothing industry tries to take the lead by making new clothes every season and by promoting them in magazines. They also promote their brand name to attract customers and increase their sales. In this way, they make money as well as entertain their audience by making them interested in the latest fashions. The designers also try to make their fashions unique by incorporating elements of the current culture and other sources such as music, art and books.