Business Services – What Are They?

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Business services are the intangible aspects of businesses that help serve as its backbone. Industries like IT, banking and insurance are all renowned for their business services. However, business services are far more extensive than these few examples and encompass numerous categories including warehousing, supply chain management, information technology support, legal services, waste management, staffing and security.

A common classification for business services is by industry and the type of work done. The most common types of business services include a variety of different types of consulting and professional services. Many companies hire specialized consultants for tasks that they would not have the time or resources to do internally. This allows them to save money while still getting the work done that is vital to their business operations.

Other types of business services include marketing and public relations. These are important aspects for any company and help to keep the customer happy and engaged in a brand or product. They also play a key role in ensuring that the company is keeping up with competition and that its reputation is strong among the public.

Other categories of business services include design services such as a graphic design firm that produces logos, signs, publications and other marketing materials for its clients. Utility services such as power, water or air conditioning that is charged for based on usage and a range of other facility maintenance and management services are also considered to be part of the business services industry.