Financial Services Jobs

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Financial services

The Financial services sector encompasses all professional firms that manage money, including banks, credit unions, credit-card companies, and insurance agencies. Financial services also include all of the critical utilities that support those financial management organizations. This industry is important because it helps businesses, individuals, and governments further their economic goals.

The sector is regulated by independent agencies to ensure that different financial institutions operate in an ethical manner and uphold transparency. Some of these agencies include:

Depending on what area of finance you are interested in, there are various jobs within the industry. The most common roles are:

Banking – This includes handing deposits into checking and savings accounts as well as lending money to customers. Banks also provide money market and mutual funds services.

Investment services – These services include securities brokerage, asset management, and advisory services. The latter service helps individuals and organizations with a variety of tasks, including providing due diligence for investments, valuations for real estate endeavors, and more.

Regulatory services – These firms work with government bodies and other regulators to enforce rules and regulations regarding the different areas of finance. This may include ensuring that financial institutions are transparent and fair with their clients. This is an area that is incredibly important to the economy as a whole, and it can be very stressful when things go wrong. It’s also very competitive. In many of these positions, employees are rewarded based on their merit, so those with aptitude will quickly advance within the field.