Home Improvement 101

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Home improvement is the act of improving or repairing the interior or exterior of a residential building. It includes a wide range of projects, such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations, painting, changing windows, flooring, and others.

In the past three years, homeowners developed a renewed interest in renovating their homes, spending more money on home improvements and repair work than in previous years. However, it is expected that home improvement spending will begin to decline in 2023 due to a number of factors such as rising labor costs and supply chain issues.

Regardless of the economic conditions, there are many homeowners who want to improve their homes, either for their own enjoyment or to make it more appealing for prospective buyers. While there are many DIY projects that homeowners can take on themselves, some projects require professional help. wikiHow has many articles that can provide expert tips and advice on how to carry out a home improvement project safely and effectively.

Homeowners should consider how the project will impact their property value before completing it. For example, some upgrades may not add significant value to the home because they are too personalized or go beyond the tastes of most potential buyers. Likewise, the cost of installing an above-ground swimming pool might be prohibitive for some buyers. Also, it is advisable to check whether the renovation work requires permits from local authorities, homeowner associations, or historical districts. Otherwise, the home owner might face costly penalties and legal issues in the future.