How to Write a Good Issues Essay

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An issue is something that people are arguing about or discussing. The debate over the issue of whether to raise taxes is a hot topic. The word also refers to a person’s misgivings or objections: He had some issues with his boss. An issue is also a publication: The magazine issued the latest issue.

Writing an article about a controversial topic is a great way to engage your readers and raise awareness about important social problems. The key to a successful social issues essay is selecting an interesting, manageable topic that you can thoroughly research and write about. To do this, consider your personal interests and beliefs as well as the needs of your audience.

When you’re unsure about what issues to write about, think about your business’s customers. What problems do they face that you can help solve? For example, if you’re a freelance writer, you could write about the challenges of being a freelancer. Similarly, if you sell software, you could write an article about how to troubleshoot common errors in your application.

Make sure that you don’t get too personal with your opinions about social issues. You don’t want to alienate or offend your audience by writing a post that seems like a rant. For example, if you write an article about the environmental impact of GM vs Toyota cars, be sure to compare and contrast both companies’ approaches to pollution prevention, cite credible sources, and make your arguments objective.