Jobs in the Financial Services Industry

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Financial services are the businesses and organizations that handle the flow of money in an economy. They provide a vital service that allows people to save for large purchases and take on risk to cover losses when making investments. They also provide a means to borrow money for things like mortgages and auto loans. The industry also encompasses those who offer advice on how to best manage money and invest in various products.

The industry seems to be all-encompassing today, with banks offering checking and savings accounts as well as loan associations and credit unions, and even brokerage firms that sell consumers investment opportunities in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. But it wasn’t always this way; each sector of the financial services industry stuck to its own niche.

There are a wide variety of jobs in the industry, from basic customer service to high-level financial consulting. But not all jobs in the financial services sector are created equal; some have more stress and burnout than others. It’s not uncommon for those in certain roles to work 16 to 20 hours a day, and finding a balance between your career and other life commitments may be difficult.

Many of the companies in the financial services industry are heavily invested in their employees, with continuing education programs and on-the-job training to keep staff up to date on the latest tools and trends. And the field itself is always changing, with new tools being introduced almost daily.