Singapore Lottery – How to Play the Singapore Lottery Online

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singapore lottery

The Singapore lottery is a popular game among locals and the rest of the world. It’s easy to play, and there are many outlets where you can buy tickets. These outlets are known as lottery agents, and they help you win big prizes by buying multiple entries for the same draw. They also provide you with the results after each draw, so that you can know if you have won or not.

The company that runs the Singapore lottery is called Singapore Pools, which is a subsidiary of the Tote Board. The company has brick and mortar establishments that people can visit, but it also offers its services online. This has been a huge success, as more and more people are registering for the site and buying lottery tickets online. This has helped the company bring in more revenue, and it has expanded its presence in the region.

In the early years, Singapore Pools used to operate exclusively from its brick and mortar outlets. However, it later adapted to the times and started selling its products online as well. Its online platform is available to anyone who wants to play, and it allows them to buy tickets in a safe environment. It is also a good way to avoid scams, as the platform is regulated by the government.

In order to claim a prize, the winner must present the winning ticket and a valid ID at an authorized Singapore Pools outlet within 880 days of the drawing. The prize amount will vary, depending on the amount of money that was won in each category. The top prize is a guaranteed S$1 million.