The Importance of Development

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Development is change that increases the number of choices and improves their quality. It’s a process that creates better economic opportunities and enables countries to reduce poverty and provide basic services. It also makes it easier for people to take control of their lives and their futures.

The international agenda began to focus on development in the second half of the twentieth century when it became clear that economic growth alone was not enough. Countries that were growing faster than others didn’t necessarily see their people become wealthier, and there was a need to place greater emphasis on specific policies to help lift people out of poverty.

Different thinkers have shaped the ideas around development, and it has become an ever-evolving field of study. Amartya Sen developed a theory of development that focused on empowering individuals by giving them freedom to choose and act. Martha Nussbaum expanded this idea to include the importance of gender and a focus on the right to education and property for women.

As nations develop their infrastructure improves. This increases trade and tourism, as well as reducing the cost of doing business. It’s also important for the health of a nation as it provides better access to healthcare and other services.

Another key reason for developing is that it reduces the effects of disasters, crises and political instability. Developed countries are better able to respond to such challenges, and recover more quickly when they do. They also tend to be less interfered with by other countries and more able to stand up for their own interests in international diplomacy.