What Is Fashion?

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Fashion is a broad term that encompasses styles and trends of clothing and other accessories. While a fashion trend may be temporary, it is influenced by current events and reflects cultural values. Fashion is a form of socialization that helps in the development of self-image, social status and sense of belonging. Fashion can also be seen as a form of art and is closely associated with culture, religion, politics and economics.

The fashion industry is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise whose products are constantly changing and evolving. The industry is a reflection of society and reflects people’s desires and needs. The current fashion system is based on and favours capital, and the non-tangible, as opposed to human and natural capital. It promotes a form of fetishism whereby what is deemed fashionable is viewed as beautiful and desirable, as if it were spinach in a bright cellophane wrapper.

In addition to clothing, fashion can also be portrayed in shoes, bags, jewellery, makeup, and other accessories. What is considered fashionable is influenced by many factors such as social status, popular personalities, and current events.

For example, when a celebrity starts wearing a particular type of outfit, it becomes a fashion trend. This is because those who like or respect them start following the trend and wearing that same style of clothes. Fashion can also be influenced by the way musicians and other artists dress, as well as by political leaders and royalty.

In the past, different geographical regions had varying established fashions and sometimes what was considered fashionable would change with discovery of new places and other cultures. In modern times, however, the borders between the various cultures are blurred and styles from one culture can easily become fashionable in another.