What is News?

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News is information about current events, people or places. It is generally reported in a timely fashion and is often factual, but it can also include opinions. Often, a news article will be about something that is unusual, interesting or significant. It may also be about an event that is close to home or involves a famous person. It is important that the news story is sourced properly and is independent from bias, such as the Associated Press (AP).

What is News?

Things happen all the time, but not everything is newsworthy. A man waking up, having breakfast and then taking the bus to work does not make the newspaper, but a coup in a neighbouring country probably will. Other criteria that determine if something is newsworthy are impact, proximity, controversy and currency.

A good news story will have all the relevant facts, so a reader can understand what is happening. It will describe who, what, where, when and why a particular event or phenomenon is occurring, as well as provide any relevant background information. It will conclude with a restatement of the lead statement and possibly an indication of future developments.

Some people like to read opinionated news, so a blog, the opinion section of a magazine or newspapers that focus on this are popular sources. However, it is important that a news story provides enough information for readers to form their own opinion, even if it contradicts the writer’s own view.