Writing About Environmental Issues

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Issues are things that affect people or the environment. These include poverty, unemployment, education, etc. These issues are very important and need to be addressed immediately.

The word issue comes from the idea of putting something out for public view, such as when a celebrity issues a statement or the post office issues new stamps. In the past, the word had a negative connotation, but it’s now widely used to describe current topics that are being discussed.

Choosing a Topic

The best way to get your article noticed is by writing about an issue that’s relevant and timely. That means choosing a topic that’s on the news today, whether it’s a war, the stock market, or the latest controversy on reality TV.

Educate yourself on the subject

Once you’ve chosen a topic, research it thoroughly. You’ll want to read research papers and interview experts. This will help you make sure that your article has all the facts and information that it needs.


An environmental article should be written in a way that’s engaging and informative. The best way to do this is to use storytelling.

Using headers, callouts, bullet points, spacing and visuals can help you organize your article and keep it easy to follow. You also need to be concise, so don’t overwhelm readers with long blocks of text or lots of details.

You’re writing your knowledge base article because you know there are some questions that customers have around a specific product area. Your goal is to provide the best answers possible, so make sure your Known Issues articles have clear, direct instructions for how to resolve the problem.