Writing an Article About Issues

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Issues are ideas that can be debated. An issue may be about something that affects people, such as government spending or pollution, or it could be a topic that can be argued over from opposing viewpoints, such as the legitimacy of voting by mail or biased news reporting. College writing assignments often ask students to write about an issue, giving their opinion on the matter and supporting it with logical reasoning and research.

When it comes to writing an article about issues, the first thing you need to consider is what will interest your audience. Choose an issue that pushes their buttons or that you know a lot about. For example, if you want to write about climate change, start by creating a file folder for it and begin collecting articles, facts, statistics and names of key players. Make sure your articles include practical suggestions or solutions, as well.

Another consideration when writing an article about issues is timing. It’s best to jump on a hot-button topic when it’s trending, because that’s what readers want and what op-ed editors are looking for. This might mean discussing a celebrity’s death, a stock market panic or a controversy on reality TV.

You can also use an article about an issue to discuss a specific event or problem, such as a lawsuit or a bad review. If you are arguing against someone, try to avoid making personal attacks and focus on the problem at hand. Instead, be a persuasive writer and explain why the person’s actions or beliefs are wrong.