Business Services

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Business services

A business service is work that supports a company’s operations but does not produce a physical commodity. Examples include a construction crew that builds a new workspace, or a marketing agency that helps a brand develop its public image. These services can save companies time, money and energy by avoiding the need to hire or purchase expensive tools and equipment.

Some businesses that provide business services are solely for profit, while others operate as nonprofits to serve the needs of their community. Many business services help a company manage its internal resources and support core operations, such as information technology (IT) or procurement. The specialized expertise provided by business service providers often improves a company’s efficiency and ability to deliver on customer promises.

When designing a business service, managers must focus on the customer experience. Unlike product businesses, which primarily consider how customers will evaluate their products, service businesses must consider the customer’s feelings and attitudes toward the experience they offer. For example, a service business may stand out from competitors by offering extended hours or friendly interactions.

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