Motorcycles and Bicycles – How to Keep Your Machine in Top Shape

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The motorcycle is a powerful machine capable of taking you places no car can go. It’s the kind of machine that’s both a thrill to ride and a joy to watch in action. But, like all machines, it requires regular maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape.

Fortunately, the motorbike is relatively easy to maintain. A quick check before each ride will help ensure your bike’s vital components are in good working order, preventing you from having to make costly repairs or even totaling your ride.

If you’re new to the world of bikes, it may seem confusing how different types of bikes are classified and referred to. But, rest assured, it’s not as complex as it might appear. Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience that’s also safe when you take the time to prepare for your ride.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, red flags were waving in many corners of the motorcycle industry. From sagging sales at Harley-Davidson to skidding stock prices and the spectre of collapse, the motorcycle business was in the midst of a whiplash year. Suddenly, however, something very interesting happened: motorcycle and bicycle sales started to spike. Suddenly, prospective riders weren’t limited to expensive and outdated used motorcycles or wheezing 49cc scooters. Discounted tolls, free parking in non-car spaces and the surge of electric motorcycle options all helped to encourage more people to try riding for the first time. And, as a result, sales began to rebound quickly, with some manufacturers experiencing double-digit growth.