What Is Spirituality?

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Spirituality refers to a person’s subjective relationship to the Divine – whether it be a god, nature or something else – and how they integrate that into their perspective on the world, others, themselves, moral values and a sense of meaning.

This doesn’t necessarily mean organized religion, though many people who identify as spiritual are not religious at all. Instead, it can include non-religious experiences such as mindfulness or meditation — or just spending time in nature, private prayer or yoga. It can also be an interest in learning about other traditions or cultures, studying spiritual texts and philosophies and exploring the mysteries of life and consciousness.

Being a spiritual person can make you more content with what is in front of you. It can help you stay positive and optimistic even in the darkest times. Moreover, it can improve your work ethic and performance at whatever you do in life. Many successful people attribute their success to their spirituality like Swami Vivekananda and George Carver.

If you are a spiritual person, you may believe in some form of afterlife – such as heaven or reincarnation – and have a comfort in knowing that there is a next step to be taken after our human existence. You may find peace in knowing that despite everything that happens in your life, it is all meant to be for a greater good. It can also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle as it encourages a more contented, less stressful attitude towards life.